Alaina Viau

Director, Producer 

"The always searching and provocative direction of Alaina Viau

- Wholenote Magazine

Kudos to stage director Alaina Viau for piecing it together seamlessly and with a good dose of humour. 

-Ludwig Van Toronto

 "Three years in development, bravely conceived and executed, Carmen #YesAllWomen stands as a testament to the courage of its creators. A difficult piece. A shout of rage. A scream. A plea. Viau and company have forged a devestating work."

-Opera Going Toronto



Cheryl Duvall

Music Director

‘Duvall’s touch is sublime, articulating melodic fragments that unspool, repeat (in a Morton Feldman-esque manner), dissolve, or tumble into dissonance with a meticulousness that underlines the fact that Höstman’s profoundly instinctive pieces are anything but random.’

-‘Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Review’ by Peter Margasak!


Sara_0079 (1).webp

Sara Schabas



beth headshot.jpg

Beth Hagerman


‘The star of this show [La Traviata], and the main reason for seeing it, is Beth Hagerman as Violetta.  It’s been said that the Violettas of the three acts are almost different characters needing different types of singer. Hagerman nails all three. She’s brilliant as Act I’s good time girl; tossing off the big numbers with aplomb and managing to carry a costume I won’t begin to describe. She’s equally fine in the other two acts and is genuinely touching both in her renunciation of Alfredo and in the final scene.’



unnamed (2).jpg

Stephen Bell


“The biggest suprise of the evening was the very credible and endearing Nemorino of Stephen Bell. His hauntingly sweet version of “Una Furtiva Lagrima” tugged at the heart strings”

-Opera Canada

“a bright tenor, with a lovely lyrical Mozart voice...” 

-Cesky Kultur Magazine

“Mr. Bell sang a poetic and heartfelt Lensky, with a pure and even tone...” 

-Cesky Kultur Magazine



Bradley Christensen.jpg

Bradley Christensen


"And then there was striking baritone Bradley Christensen as the High Priest and Olivier Lacquerre as Arbace, both lending essential dramatic lower tessitura counterbalance to the opera’s preference for upper register roles. Christensen and Laquerre are excellent singers and actors and I look forward to seeing them in more roles with OA.”

-Stephen Bonfield, Opera Canada

"Most impressive was bass-baritone Bradley Christensen as Tagliaferro and doubling as the Writer."

-Joseph So, Musical Toronto